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Aussie mum gives birth to five babies

She’s gone from being a mum of three to a mum of eight in a matter of seconds!

Congratulations to Perth mum Kim Tucci who has given birth to quintuplets!
Already a mum to nine-year-old son Kurt from a previous relationship and Aiva, now four, and Indiana, two with husband Vaughn, Kim thought she’d try for just one more bub.
But, lo and behold – she fell pregnant with quintuplets!
Taking just two minutes to deliver her quints, Kim has revealed to Woman’s Day that all five babies have arrived safely.
“We’d always wanted three kids. Vaughn was happy with any gender, but I really wanted a boy for him,” Kim admitted.
Joining the Tucci clan is long wished for son Keith, and his sisters Ali, Penelope, Tiffany and Beatrix.
Congratulations, Tucci family!

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