10 school holiday activities during winter that won't break the bank

How to rug and up and find adventure ... on the cheap!

By Rebel Wylie
Entertaining the kids on a budget during school holidays is a challenge. Throw in cold and rainy weather, and the difficulty levels rise.
Finding things to do to keep the kids entertained and the 'I'm boreds' at a minimum when the weather is poor needn't present too much of a challenge though. With a bit of creativity, and some thinking outside the box, there's plenty of things to do, even if you're stuck inside.
If you're worried about entertaining the kids on a budget too, don't worry, keep calm and put your wallet away. There's a tonne of of things that can help keep your kids entertained - even in cold weather - and they don't have to cost you a cent. We've shared our favourites in the gallery below.
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10 school holiday activities during winter in Australia