The ultimate kids' Christmas list: Top toys the kids will love!

Bonus: they'll be busy playing so you'll get a break!

By BTYB Myer
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but if that sends you into a panic (the presents! The prawns! The pav!), not fills you with joy, relax; we've done the hard yards for you.
Finding that perfect Christmas gift is an awesome feeling, especially if it's for little ones, but with their interests changing faster than their shoe size — not to mention the sheer volume of toys to pick from — it can be overwhelming to say the least.
Luckily, just in time for the Christmas holidays, Myer have revamped their Toys section, stocking the shelves with the hottest toys of the year, latest Lego sets and cute plush toys.
Here's our round up of the best kids' Christmas presents to spoil the kiddies with this year.
Get your little gamer out of the house (and away from the screen!) with this at-home laser tag game. You can have an unlimited number of players so the whole family can get on board with the fun on Christmas Day — cue the hilarious photos!
This super-pretty RV transforms into a fully-furnished play set with water, dining table and stairs. Hours of fun for Barbie fans.
Perfect for kids and kids at heart, this Lego set is challenging, rewarding and most of all fun. The best bit? The achievement can be admired for years to come.
One of the most popular toys of 2018, Lil' Gleemerz are definitely going to top any kids' Christmas wish list. With light up tails and eyes, this interactive furry friend will become your child's most prized possession in no time.
These figurines will be a hit for any child who is Marvel crazy. They can imagine some of the best scenes of the movies with characters such as Thor, Black Panther and Venom.
Let your little one unleash their inner adventurer this Christmas with the help of the Treasure X Chest Pack. The ultimate surprise-reveal collectable promises hours of entertainment — and the chance to win some real gold.
Any Hot Wheels mum will know that this play set is the biggest the toy brand has ever offered (making you Super Mum for buying it). With storage for 140 cars and spiralling race tracks, it's the ultimate monster track.
Set your child's imagination alight with Fingerlings Dragons. The strangely-cute little things cling to kids' fingers and respond to sound, touch and magic. In other words: magic to kids' brains!
This top-seller is back for another year, featuring all the classic lights and sounds from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The ultimate gift for the Jedi in your life.
Got a little dreamer in your life? These fairy dolls from Barbie Dreamtopia will take imaginations to marvellous heights and will definitely earn you some extra brownie points. Each Barbie has their own set of unique wings and colourful outfit to match.
If your kids are hounding you for a pet this Christmas, look no further than the famous cuddly Star Wars sidekick, Chewie. The interactive plush friend has over 100 sound and motion combos and makes less mess than a dog! He's certain to become your child's number one toy this Christmas.
Bringing the magic of Hogwarts to life, this Harry Potter-inspired Lego set appeals to kids and teens alike. Good patience is required for this 878-piece set — which includes house banners, a movable spiral staircase and all of their favourite characters — so you might buy yourself a bit of peace and quiet, too!
Teach your child the importance of love and care this Christmas with the Scruff A Luv plush toy. Arriving as a ball of matted fur, once bathed, dried and brushed, they unveil into the cutest new addition to the family. With kitties, puppies and bunnies on offer, the hardest decision will be deciding which one to go for.
These cute stuffed toys will be treasured for years to come! Kormico's range of wild animals and cuddly bears are perfect gift for your little one's first Christmas.
This battle game to take on all battle games. Perfect for the family during the festive season, Beyblade is fun, interactive and yes, more than a little competitive.
Got a budding builder on your hands? Or a mini car nut? This nostalgic Mini Cooper Lego creation is a great one for engineer-style minds — and even makes a nice project to do together.
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