Guy is definitely the fun parent!

Jules Sebastian gives a glimpse into her busy life as a working mum with two toddlers.

We find playgrounds where we can have a babycino then hit the play equipment.
Jules Sebastian is a busy modern mum.
When she's not chasing after her two little boys, Hunter, 3, and Archie, 1, she's filming her YouTube show, Tea With Jules and championing her rock star husband, Guy Sebastian.
We managed to steal a few minutes of Jules' time to hear what life's like as a mum on-the-go, right before she jetted off to Vienna to watch Guy compete in Eurovision.
Q. What does your morning routine looks like with the boys?
"This entirely depends on the morning! I wish we were up at a set time each day, but my boys are going through a ‘let’s wake up at any random time of the night or morning’ stage lately!
Usually we are up by around 5.30/6am and we go downstairs for what the boys call ‘bubbas’. That's what we call our little ritual of having milk and cuddles while we watch Dora!"
Q. How do you keep the boys entertained so you can get some work done?
"It is almost impossible to get any work done with the boys around! They are only little so need constant attention and are always needing something!
If Hudson is awake while Archie is down for his nap and I need to have a shower, I usually sit Hudson on my bed to play his Playkids app or watch a bit of TV while I get ready. It’s like working against a ticking time bomb though!
As far as getting work done, I have to wait till the afternoon when - if by some small miracle - both boys go down for their naps at the same time!"
Q. What does your work day look like?
"The nature of my job is a little bit of everything and no two days are ever the same.
If I am working on a shoot or a styling job I am emailing, attending meetings, making phone calls, doing pulls from PR companies and stores, doing fittings and running around and putting last-minute looks together.
I also run a blog so I am gathering content and making sure information is up-to-date.
I work on my You Tube show called Tea with Jules where I sit down with inspiring people, so I have filming and prep on the days we film.
Plus along with my job comes media and some social commitments which I need to squeeze in around everything else! It's always a juggle."
L: Jules on set with Tom Williams and Larry Emdur for The Daily Edition | R: Prepping for the Australian movie premiere of Cinderella
Q. What do you love doing as a family?
"We like to get out and about to burn energy with the boys. We go to lots of parks - I think I’ve been to every park in Sydney!
I like to find playgrounds where we can have a babycino nearby then hit the play equipment.
We also like to do playdates with Hudson and Archer’s friends and family, so we either meet somewhere or go to each others places.
We live within walking distance to the beach, which is always a fun place to take the boys searching for sea life, rocks and shells."
L: Enjoying a babycino with Hudson | R: Archie's first birthday
Q. Do Hudson and Archer enjoy playing together? What do they play?
"They are really great together. Hudson can get a little rough at times and Archie can be the annoying little brother to him, but for the most part they play really well.
They both have the attention span of about 7.5 seconds, so they don’t really play with anything for too long, but they like to play the drums (arghhh!), and dominoes together."
Brothers, Hudson and Archie rock their PJ's in the mornings.
Q. What games do the boys love playing with their Dad when he comes home from work?
Guy is definitely the fun parent!
The boys love to wrestle and play rough games with him. They have some pretty epic trampolining sessions together too!
Guy with his boys.
Q. What is your favourite thing to do once the boys are in bed that’s just for you?
I love to boil the kettle and have a cup of tea with my PJ’s and ugg boots on! That to me is the sign that the day is done and I can stop at last.
To be honest, I usually end up doing more work like emails or prepping, but if I have everything done I like to watch reality TV!
The Real Housewives of Melbourne is a bit of a fave at the moment, and Scandal too!"
Q. What are you most looking forward to doing over in Vienna with Guy for Eurovision?
I’m most looking forward to doing The Sound of Music tour!! Ha!
Oh, and of course watching Guy perform at Eurovision. I am going to be sick with nerves but will be so excited and proud at the same time!
L: Jules and singer/songwriter Carmen Smith wander around Vienna ahead of Eurovision | R: 'Team Australia' including Guy Sebastian represent Australia at Eurovision

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