13 affordable gifts for mum she is sure to love

And the best bit is you'll get change from a $100.

By Rebel Wylie
If we all had the means, we'd give our mums the world. They know it, we know it, and quite often the bank definitely knows it.
The reality is that for a lot of us, the heart-feels might be huge but the coffers be small, and that means the hunt is really on for a gift that says just how much they mean to you on a budget that says something completely different.
Fear not, we can help!
Buying budget gifts at any time of year doesn't have to equate to putting in a budget amount of thought!
With a little digging you can find some gorgeous, fun, quirky and clever gifts without breaking the bank.Keep scrolling as we've rounded up some of our favourites for Christmas 2023 in the gallery below ...

The best affordable gifts for mum this Christmas