Cadbury to reduce size of their family chocolate blocks

So basically everything is terrible and you are entitled to feel outraged.

Cadbury – the biggest player in Australia’s $2 billion chocolate industry – has today announced that it be reducing the size of its family blocks of chocolate by 10 per cent.
The reason behind the scaled down treat has been put down to cost saving, with Amanda Banfield, managing director of Australasia for Mondelez International (the company that owns Cadbury and other big brands like Vegemite), told Fairfax Media that she blamed the rising cost of key ingredients in chocolate – namely milk, cocoa and sugar.
She expects a backlash. Especially given that the Cadbury factory in Tasmania makes around 80 million blocks of the stuff per year. We really, really like chocolate.
"We have to kind of be real about that," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.
"Clearly any chocolate lover is going to be a bit disappointed".
This unmitigated attack on chocolate lovers follows on from Cadbury’s rival Nestle last year reducing the size of its Killer Python jelly snake from 47 grams to 24 grams in response to consumers concerns about sugar. Cadbury’s decision, says Banfield, wasn’t to do with health concerns however.
The world is changing around us. Do you need to eat your feelings? Yes, us too.
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