5 mums share the eco-products they’re prepared to spend their money on

AKA the products that actually work!

By BTYB Lovekins
There are a number of reasons to go eco-friendly, especially if you have a young family. As a society, our consumption has gotten out of control; if we want to create a better planet for our kids, the time to make changes and go green is now. Plus, there's the fact that a lot of cleaning and personal care products can contain harmful and irritating chemicals that do not mix well with young skin.
That being said, going eco-friendly can be risky business, particularly for families that are on a budget. There is nothing worse than forking out your hard-earned cash on a product that over promises and under delivers. The best way to beat buyer's remorse? Base your purchases off the reviews of like-minded women. Here, five mums share the eco-products they're prepared to spend their money on:

Organic milk

"After reading an article about cow's milk had changed over recent years and the quality of milk diminishing with the advent of cows moving from grass-fed diets to pellets, I switched my kids to organic cow's milk - and have never looked back. My children will not drink non-organic cow's milk now - they can taste the difference immediately." Kate, 40, mum to Maxwell, 12, and Louis, 3.
Lovekins Soothing Baby Nappy Cream, $24.95 at Lovekins

Lovekins Baby Range

"I am absolutely in love with the Lovekins Baby Range. The products are so soothing on my baby's skin and have really helped soothe and heal his eczema. The Soothing Baby Nappy Cream in particular smells divine and it feels lovely as you rub it in. The texture is also much nicer than the gooey, sticky products out there. I love that it's plant-based and free from nasties. The products are worth every cent!" Nicole, 32, mum to Luka, 18 months.

Sensitive skin saviour

"My toddler has sensitive skin and eczema. I was advised to use non-fragranced organic clothes washing liquid and bath wash and it helps prevent eczema enormously. I also try to use natural organic fibres, like bamboo and linen, for his bedding and clothes." Carina, 35, mum to Ashley, 3.

Green clean

"I do a lot of research when using new products and try to make as environmentally conscious choices as I can. After some trial and error, I have finally found natural home cleaning products that actually work – and now I couldn't imagine going back!" Julia, 30, mum to Kai, 6, and Bella, 2.

Nature’s scent

"Deodorant has become a hot topic of conversation in recent years because of its aluminum content. I made the switch a few years ago and had to trial a lot of products before I found one that actually neutralises the odour of sweat. ASUVI deodourant is great and also come with 100 per cent recycled plastic packaging that can be refilled and reused." Caitlin, 28, mum to Ava, 6, and Harlow, 3.
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