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Caring for your Modern Cloth Nappy collection is simple when you follow this plan

There's no need to soak 'em!

Modern cloth nappies have come a long way in product appeal and innovation. Nowadays, you can find an array of styles including all-in one cloth nappies which are super easy to use with no safety pins in sight. They're really just as convenient as a disposable.
Whether you're new to cloth nappies or just looking for some quick tips, Danielle Woods from Bambino Mio has shared some simple steps to help you on your cloth nappy journey and to keep your nappies in tip-top condition.
Prep your stash
Once you've built up your collection of cute modern cloth nappies, you'll need to ensure that you have prewashed them at least once before use. This will help your nappies become more absorbent after the first few washes. But remember to not use fabric softener when washing as this can affect the absorbency of your nappies.
Modern cloth nappies have come a LONG way in product appeal and innovation. (Image: Bambino Mio)
Change time
  • Change time is easy and fuss free with modern cloth nappies opting for velcro or snap fastenings which means there's no pins in sight.
  • Cloth nappies are just as easy to use as a disposable nappy and should be checked and changed every 2-4 hours just like a disposable.
  • If you're wanting a quick clean up, nappy liners can be used to help prevent heavy soiling of your nappies and act as a barrier between nappy creams and your nappies.
  • If you're little one is a heavy wetter – don't worry, simply pop in a nappy booster, which is a simple addition to any cloth nappy to maximise absorbency. This is also a great option for overnight use but completely optional.
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No need to soak
  • With modern cloth nappies there is no need to soak after use. Simply store them in a dry nappy bucket until you are ready to wash. While out and about, you can store your cloth nappies in a water-resistant wet bag until you get home.
What to do with the poo
  • Dealing with poo is simple - tip any poo from the soiled nappy into the toilet (don't forget to flush) and place your nappy into your nappy bucket and you are done.
  • If you decide to use disposable nappy liners, place in the bin after use. If using reusable nappy liners, you can simply stash them in your dry nappy bucket along with your soiled nappies until you're ready to get your wash on.
Modern cloth nappies opt for velcro or snap fastenings which means there's no pins in sight! (Image: Bambino Mio)
Washing and drying
  • Before your main wash, make sure you have removed any excess soil from your nappies.
  • When you're ready to wash, simply throw your nappies into your washing machine (yes, you can put them in with clothes).
  • Depending on the manufacture instructions, you can wash your nappies up to 60°C using the recommended amount of washing detergent.
  • To help keep your nappies fresh, try adding the recommended amount of laundry booster to your wash. This will help keep stains away.
  • Once washed, air dry your nappies away from direct heat. Many modern cloth nappies may be tumble dried on a low/cold setting occasionally, just check what the manufacturer recommends.

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