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Celestial baby names set to rock the world of its axis

Your baby’s destiny could be written in their made-in-the-stars moniker…

When it comes to the very important task of giving your child a name to last them a lifetime, for unique and meaningful celestial baby names for your little one, there's no better place to look than the stars.
Sure, you could go down the route of selecting from a range of literary heroine baby names for your little girl, or perhaps take name-spiration from the most unusual celebrity baby names for your newborn son.
Although, as our astrologer, and author of the book Moon Rites, Michelle Royce tells us, strength, power and creativity can be derived from as much as transcendental namesake.
Starting with…

Celestial names for a girl


If you're brave and don't believe everything you hear (and you hope for a daughter who will take on the world and make it her own), you might consider naming her after this standout archetype for female power and authenticity.
Demonised around 2400BC, originally, Lilith was a spirit of the wind and associated with Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth (another nice name choice for a baby girl!).


Roman Goddess of Agriculture and responsible for the fertility of the land, Ceres is another strong female who loved her daughter, Proserpina, so much she never gave up looking for her when she was kidnapped by the Lord of the Underworld.


A great name for those hoping for an athletic future for their daughter. Independent and feisty, Artemis is the fleet footed goddess of the hunt and of nature.


A name for a water baby! One of the Titanesses, a water nymph and mother of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Dione is associated with the ocean and the moon.


Egyptian Goddess of writing and history, inventor of mathematics, patron of architecture and libraries record keeper of the gods… For those who look for their babe to be of an academic inclination, you can't go past the intellectual charm of the name Seshat.

Celestial names for a boy


The leading god in Hawaiian mythology, father of all living creatures. Kane is a boy bound for greatness, humility and care for others.


Celtic Patron of the arts, the law and skilled craftsmen and God of the Sun. Not Luke, not Hugh, if you hope your baby will be clever with his hands, or his words, Lugh is the moniker for him.


With the celestial origins of the name 'Dylan' tracing back to the Welsh God of the sea, this is an ideal name for a future surfer.


God of the Gentle West Wind and Herald of Spring – shown as a winged young man – here you have a name destined for a traveller!