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Bert Newton celebrates Thomas the Tank Engine's 70th Birthday

This giant Thomas cake is almost as good as Bert Newton dressed as the Fat Controller

Yes, that's all cake!
Thomas the Tank Engine has had his 70th birthday, and Bert Newton has celebrated with his grandchildren by dressing up as the Fat Controller and cutting a GIANT Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake.
The life-sized cake is more than 300cm long and 150cm high and includes an incredible list of ingredients including over 14,000 eggs!
Bert Newton cuts the life-sized Thomas cake.
Aussie icon Bert Newton hosted a huge celebration at Melbourne's Flinders Street Station on Thursday where he unveiled the impressive Thomas cake to many happy Thomas the Tank Engine fans.
Bert dressed as the Fat Controller with his three grandchildren.
Christopher Montebello, founder of Melbourne bakery Let Them Eat Cake was responsible for baking the enormous life-size Thomas replica. He and a team of sixteen people came together to create the massive cake, which took over two weeks to bake and decorate.
When asked what was the biggest challenge in baking such a mammoth cake, Montebello explained that decorating Thomas was no mean feat.
"Probably the most challenging part was the icing, and ensuring it was rolled out properly and that everything was in proportion. We lay all the icing by hand which is very time-consuming, but no machine can do it the way a human hand can. Getting Thomas right was very important," he said.
For mums trying to bake the perfect birthday cake for their kids at home, Montebllo says that practice makes perfect.
"If you’re making an elaborate cake, do a trial run first. Consider the proportions and how you will put it together. Most people are capable of making a basic cake, but getting the technique of a ganache or a fondant right can be hard, so practice, practice, practice!" he explained.
Thomas & Friends have shared this wonderful recipe for Thomas lovers to enjoy their own Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake at home.

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