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The most heartbreaking things kids say

When someone asked an online forum for the most heartbreaking things they've heard kids say, the internet answered with crushing stories.

Kids say the darndest things! They also say the most heart-shattering and brutally honest things. Not only are children brilliantly observant of the big, wide world around them, they aren’t yet schooled in the social norms we develop on our path to adulthood, meaning, for kiddies, no topic is too taboo.
So, when a Reddit user posed the question "What is the most heartbreaking thing a child has said to you?" to the popular online forum, the feed was flooded with tales that would break even the coldest heart.
Reddit user Dynamojoe told the tragic story of their daughter’s grief.
"I found a note my eight-year-old daughter wrote to a friend about how much she misses her. They were both cancer patients and the friend passed away over three years ago."
ThatsAtroShus penned a sad story of little girl without a dad.
"We were looking after a friend’s daughter. She was seven-years-old. My friend has been a single mum the whole time. My friend’s daughter was playing with my daughter and husband and they were all laughing and having a good time. Then the girl hugged my daughter and said: 'When I meet my daddy, I hope he's just like your daddy'."
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Meanwhile, a father in the midst of settling a divorce explains how we was left shattered by a comment from his four-year-old daughter.
"My wife and I are in the middle of a divorce and we both have had to move out of our apartment during the process. Our daughter said on multiple occasions, 'Dad, I want to move back to our old home because I was happier there.' As a father, that's one of the most heartbreaking things to hear from any child let alone your own. I feel so helpless and know right now I can't do much to change that."
A piano teacher recalled a conversation she had with one of her students that broke her heart so much that she was inspired to do whatever she could to help the girl.
"A very talented girl who came for a piano lesson just sat there in tears, unable to play or focus on the music. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that her father had developed a bad drug habit and had sold their piano to buy drugs. He also told her there was no more money to pay for music lessons."
The piano teacher explained that she arranged for the girl to practise on a school piano and volunteered to teach her for free.
"Music study offered a positive focus in her life," she added.
For one Reddit user, The CoyoteBlack, something sweet a child said to him left him with a broken heart.
"'You're my favourite out of all my sisters boyfriends.’ That's how I found out I was being cheated on. Thanks kiddo!" he joked.
One father wrote about the time his 5-year-old son had a terrible flu and he said something that has stayed with him since.
"The worst night of it came when [my son’s] temperature spiked and he began to throw up and was screaming in pain," he explained.
"As my wife is holding him, he reaches for me and cries out 'Don't let me die, Daddy. Please don't let me die!' I was devastated. I don't think I've ever felt as helpless in my life. I was able to keep it together until his temp was stabilised at the hospital, but then it was sob city. I can't remember the last time I cried like that."
Possibly one of the most tragic stories came from a woman who’s eight-year-old niece with a terrible home life begged her to take her in.
"'Mum and dad fight a lot, and when he goes to work she just leaves us here alone. I want to live with you, I promise I'll work hard. Please let me live with you'," the woman wrote of her niece’s emotional plea.
"She was sobbing and helping load firewood to prove she was useful so she could live with us. We were living with family and had no way to get custody. My heart shattered into a million pieces."
The woman went on to explain that the child’s parents were drug addicts. But, thankfully, the woman’s niece and her siblings are in the custody of their grandmother and have grown into "amazing" teenagers.