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Rodger Corser and Christine Anu's touching tribute to their daughter Zipporah as she rings in a major milestone

''How did this happen?''

By Bella Brennan
As a parent, you're bombarded with unsolicited advice and platitudes. And perhaps the most trudged out line you're told is: "the days are long but the years are short."
This week, it's a saying that's no doubt resonating for actor Rodger Corser and his former partner Christine Anu as their beloved daughter Zipporah Corser rings in a major milestone - completing her final year 12 exams and leaving high school.
On Monday afternoon, the Doctor Doctor actor took to social media to pay tribute to his oldest child and reflect on the fact she's grown up in the blink of an eye.
"Last HSC exam for this little lady today," the 47-year-old penned alongside an adorable throwback photo of Zipporah when she was in primary school.
"Well perhaps she hasn't been little for quite a while," the TV WEEK Gold Logie nominee admitted in his second pic, which showed his brace-faced daughter as a teenager beaming at the camera.
Proud dad Rodger can't quite believe his little girl is all grown up. (Image: Instagram)
Where does the time go? (Image: Instagram)
"How did this happen?" Rodger mused in his third and final upload, which showed 18-year-old Zipporah in the current day, a confident young performer following in her famous parents' footsteps.
Meanwhile Zipporah's mother, singer Christine Anu, also took to Instagram to praise her only child's efforts for completing year 12 in the midst of a global pandemic.
"It can't get any more motivating than this... this young woman has just finished her last HSC exam," the Party hitmaker penned.
"@zipporraahh I am so proud of you completing this big step in your journey and the way you have yearned for learning in culture hand in hand with your schooling. I hope you enjoyed your little surprise when you got home. #motivationmonday #hscyalater," Christine concluded.
Watch out world, here she comes! (Image: Instagram)
Accompanying her post was a sweet snap of the mother-daughter duo celebrating with cake and a big bunch of flowers.
"Look out world here comes Zippy!!! So proud of you @zipporraahh and still can't believe you have finished school 😲Looks like a beautiful surprise ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, " Zipporah's stepmum and Rodger's wife Renae Berry commented under Christine's post.
With the completion of her HSC, Zipporah is now officially free to pursue her musical aspirations.
"Zipporah goes to a performing arts school and sings like her mum [Christine], so she'll probably go into the business," Rodger previously told TV WEEK of his eldest child.
Christine Anu threw her daughter a post-exam party. (Image: Instagram)
While Christine is making sure her daughter is fully aware of just how tough the entertainment industry can be.
"She's a rising performer herself and I guess every element of choices I've made throughout my career are a model for her to follow. Everything that I'm doing to prepare and every way that I present myself in the public and on television and the choices of jobs that I take, are all things that she will take, or not take from," she told Now To Love in August.
"I wanted her to pave her own way as someone that's not a performer because it's not as glamorous as what it's set out to be. Most of the time you get told no! It's a hard industry and you've got to toughen up but I'll always be there for her."
Rodger and Christine started dating after starring together in the 1998 musical Rent and welcomed Zipporah in 2002.
Rodger also shares three children with wife Renae, son Budd, 10, daughter Cilla, eight and son Dustin, five.
"Zipporah goes to a performing arts school and sings like her mum [Christine], so she'll probably go into the business." (Image: Instagram)

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