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Rebecca Judd is concerned daughter Billie, 3, is showing signs of negative body image

“She screams at the mirror…”

By Katie Skelly
Mother-of-four Rebecca Judd is not one to shy away from the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and her latest admission is no different.
Opening up on The 3pm Pick Up with Monty Diamond, the 34-year-old confessed her daughter is beginning to become obsessed with something rather odd for her age – her looks.
"All of a sudden [Billie] has started caring about her appearance so much. It's really scary," the TV presenter began.
"I don't know where it's come from because at home, I wear active wear pretty much, sneakers, chuck my hair up and barely put on any make-up."

Bec, who shares Oscar, six, Billie, three, and twins Tom and Darcy, 10 months, with AFL star Chris Judd, went onto explain how her daughter “hates” her curly hair to the point where she “screams in the mirror”.
“She’s got this brush and she’s started standing in front of the mirror and she brushes and brushes her hair,” she explains.
“She’s got this curly hair, so it... springs back up. And she screams at the mirror… She’s just furious.”
“I said ‘Billie what are you doing, just let it go babe you’ve got curly hair’ and she says ‘Mummy, I don’t like my hair I want straight hair like you’."

Bec recalled of another example from a recent family holiday to Port Douglas, where the toddler didn’t want to go to dinner for feeling as if she didn’t look as pretty as her mum, a former model.
“We were going out for dinner, and I had these cool studded flats on,” she explained. “She had these little flats with a pussycat on them.”
“We were just about to walk out the door she goes, ‘Oh Mum, I can’t go out for dinner, you look far more beautiful than me’”.

The lifestyle blogger admitted that she’s not sure what’s going on. She insists her daughter "doesn't get screen time, she's not watching shows that would put any importance on appearance".
"She's not on Instagram, she can't read for goodness sake!”
Billie’s behaviour, Bec says, has made her and her husband’s focus shift to praising qualities far more important than physical appearance.
“It really makes Chris and I think OK, we’ve got to put so much emphasis on being a kind human and be strong and being smart.”
“Girls, they are tricky!”
Bec has previously been forced on multiple occasions to defend herself against trolls who have criticised her pregnant frame for being "too thin".

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