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Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel expecting baby number two?

Silas may be getting a little sibling pretty soon...

By Alex Lilly
Genetically-blessed and super-talented Hollywood power couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel may be expecting another baby.
A source close to the couple told OK! USA, "She's nearly three weeks along with a baby girl, but she wants to keep it hush-hush until she's well into the second trimester."
Justin and Jessica, who are already parents to three year-old Silas Randall Timberlake, are reportedly "over the moon" and "excited" about their growing family.

While she received rave reviews for her role in the Netflix drama, The Sinner, the streaming service announced that Jessica Biel would not be in any on-screen capacity for season two, but she will continue on as an executive producer.
Could this be because she'll be taking some time out to focus on a healthy pregnancy? Well, she does like to share some fab fitness pics on Instagram so we wouldn't be too surprised if that's the case.
Jessica Biel is one of favourite celebrity mums, probably because she's so candid about what real mum life is like!
On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in September last year, the host asked Jessica how life is as a toddler-parent and how much Silas has covered their home in "what you hope is chocolate," but Jessica laughed and admitted: "every square inch."
"If it's not the hopeful chocolate, it's stickers and Play-Doh and gak and crumbs and who knows," she said.
"Everything is covered with everything."
Yep, she's definitely bringing Sexyback to parenting.