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Grant Denyer's daughter rushed to hospital after accident

Another Denyer down!

By Rebecca Sullivan
The Denyer family has been having a tough time lately.
Grant Denyer, the lovable breakfast radio host and Dancing With The Stars frontman, has been sidelined from his multiple media gigs for the past few weeks, after he was rushed to hospital after a horrific back injury in March.
The 41-year-old was diagnosed with an "annular fissure or ruptured/torn disc" which he suffered while "hammering in some stakes" in the paddock on the family's property in the NSW central west.
Currently unable to walk or sit, the Game of Game's star has been stuck in hospital for weeks while he recovers.
While his injuries aren't life-threatening, they are certainly very serious and Grant has been absent from his many professional gigs while he heals - as well as spending long periods of time away from his wife, Chezzi, and daughters Sailor, 7, and Scout, 2.
But now another member of the Denyer family has been struck down with an injury.
This time it's the Denyer's eldest daughter, Sailor.
Sailor visiting Grant in hospital. (Image: @chezzidenyer/Instagram)
Chezzi revealed that Sailor has broken her wrist after a little accident on a set of monkey bars, a common but painful injury anyone with kids will be familiar with.
"Oh no. Another Denyer down ... It's really not our year, is it?#runinwithmonkeybars #brokenwrist," Chezzi posted on Instagram, alongside an adorable photo of her daughter all bandaged up.
Poor Sailor! Get well soon! (Image: @chezzidenyer/Instagram)
Chezzi had previously revealed that having her husband stuck in hospital, as well as being in serious pain, was starting to take its toll.
Speaking to Grant's 2Day FM radio co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Ash London earlier this month, Chezzi said she was "shaky" and "trying not to cry" while recounting the news doctors had given the couple.
"He found out yesterday he's got an annular fissure, which is a tear in his lower disc, so it's incredibly painful and it basically makes it impossible for him to walk, sit, or do anything other than lie on his left side," she said.
"He's in a lot of pain and it's really difficult to watch. It took me back to when he broke his back 10 years ago because the pain is so intense when he moves that you can't help but get quite angry, and that's not in his nature.
"Also on top of that, he feels like he's let the world down, he's let you guys down because he wants to be at work and it's a really busy period, so he's just doing his best."
She also shared her fear that Grant's inability to walk would become permanent.
"I don't want him to work anymore, because I'm really worried he's going to end up in a wheelchair," Chezzi told Ed and Ash.
An adorable note Grant's kids let for him in hospital. (Image: @grantdenyer/Instagram)
"To Dadd, I miss you! Love Scout." (Image: @grantdenyer/Instagram)
Grant is currently on a lot of prescription medication to manage his pain, which has concerned some of his fans, given his previous dependence on pain meds.
Last week, Chezzi was asked if the couple were worried about the popular TV host going back on meds while in hospital this time.
She said Grant was in so much pain when he was rushed to hospital that giving him pain medication was the only option.
"He was in such intense, acute pain when we got into hospital and they checked his vitals and said this guy needs to be given a massive dose of morphine, his blood pressure is through the roof," Chezzi explained.
"I don't think he was really thinking about it, but we've had some really good guidance and we've been juggling different types of medication because usually they put you on very strong morphine which is not Grant's friend."
WATCH BELOW: Grant Denyer accepting his 2018 Gold Logie. Story continues after video.
This isn't the first time Grant has badly hurt his back.
In 2008 he was hospitalised after breaking his back in a massive car accident, which took months of recovery. It's during that time that Grant developed a reliance on medication.
Last year, Grant revealed to The Daily Telegraph that the injury led to a huge decline in his mental health, and a dependence on painkillers.
"I mentally wasn't well, I was on pain medication for long time, and I probably wasn't aware of the effects of that. I just didn't have an education to be able to deal with it. I think I was caught in that trap and a whole whirlwind of emotions that meant I was at my lowest," he said.
In 2017, he was admitted to hospital again following a car crash which saw him suffer from a broken coccyx and finger.
We have no doubt that both Grant and Sailor will be well again very soon.
Sending all our best wishes to the Denyer clan!

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