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"We’re having a little boy!" Fiona Falkiner and fiancée Hayley Willis announce the gender of their baby in heartwarming new video

''The last peenie inside me for a long time.''

By Bella Brennan
Former Biggest Loser star Fiona Falkiner and her sports presenter fiancée Hayley Willis have announced the gender of their first baby in a heartwarming new video.
On Monday morning, Fiona shared the touching moment she and her partner found out they were expecting a baby boy.
Taking to Instagram, the presenter posted a touching video from their gender reveal party, held over the weekend with 20 of their closest friends.
In the footage, Fiona cuts into a cake as her fiancee Hayley pops a balloon which is filled with blue confetti. The elated couple then embrace as the moment sinks in.
Opening up about their bub's gender on their What The IVF podcast, the pair said they were over the moon to be having a "little dude."
"We're having a little boy! A little dude. It was an amazing day," Fiona said.
"We're so excited," Hayley, 29, added.
"The last peenie inside me for a long time," Fiona joked.
Fiona and Hayley are due to welcome their son in 2021. (Image: Instagram)
"Never say never. You never know what we might get up to in our old age, who knows? Start putting keys in a bowl," Hayley laughed.
"It's official … our little family will be gaining a member, baby Falkiner will be joining us in 2021," Fiona, 37, captioned the snap of her growing belly.
"We are so excited about this new chapter of being mums together and giving this little bundle all the love in the world! Thank you to everyone who sent us prayers and baby dust, it worked!!!!"
The couple have been honest about their struggles to fall pregnant this year, even detailing their anguish in a podcast, called What The IVF.
"We're having a little boy! A little dude. It was an amazing day." (Image: Instagram)
Back in August, Fiona revealed she and Hayley had been trying for months to fall pregnant, a journey she described as a "traumatic" and "lonely" one.
"Obviously you have your partner but it can actually feel like a really lonely process," Fiona told The Daily Telegraph at the time.
"It is you and your body against all odds. Women don't really talk about it until after the fact. It can be really quite traumatic."
Hayley, who proposed to Fiona in April 2019 after a whirlwind eight-month romance, explained the pair both want to carry a child at some stage.
"Fi is going first because she is older. I really want to carry a bub too but Fi will go first just because of the body clock on fertility, so her going first is best," Hayley told the publication.
The moment the couple found out they were having a baby boy! (Image: Instagram)