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“I’m a little bit anxious”: Erin Molan reveals her biggest fear about motherhood

She’s due to welcome her first child into the world any day now!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
As she prepares to jump feet first into the sleepless nights, dirty nappies and scrumptious baby cuddles that come with motherhood, Erin Molan has revealed her biggest fear about the top job.
Speaking to Deb Knight, Nine newsreader and host of 9Honey's podcast Honey Mums, the 35-year-old, who is now just weeks away from welcoming her first child, admitted to feeling anxious about raising her little bundle of joy in the spotlight.
"It's funny isn't it, because I kind of think… I don't think that it affects me, people saying things about me or judging me, because I've had so much of it over 12 or 13 years in television. But they say when it involves a child it's a different thing, so I'm a little bit anxious about how it will be perceived," the media personality, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Sean Ogilvy, shared.
She added: "[But] I kind of think, why should I have to be? And I hate that element of it."
That being said, the beloved presenter plans to return to her job hosting Nine News and The NRL Footy Show as soon as possible.
"Whatever is best for bubba we will do, and the plan at the moment is to come back [to work] very soon. But I'm very blessed in that my schedule is so good that I go from a Thursday afternoon to a Sunday afternoon, and then I'm a full-time mum from Sunday arvo to Thursday arvo," she told the outlet.
"I think we'll get the balance right, but there's probably mothers out there laughing at me thinking, 'God, you've got absolutely no idea'."

The interview comes after the bubbly blonde was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after suffering a terrifying fall in a shopping centre.
The scary incident, which took place at a Sydney shopping centre earlier this month, happened after getting a series of routine shots.
"I had another little episode this week, unfortunately," Erin said during an appearance on WSFM's Jonesy and Amanda Show.
"I got my whooping cough and flu shot and had a little ... faint is a strong word, but a little fall in the Randwick shops."
Thankfully, she landed on her side which prevented any injury to her unborn baby.

Despite the nasty fall and subsequent trip to hospital, she still managed to find some levity in the situation.
"I'm just filthy because I'd ordered a chocolate doughnut and a milkshake, and I kind of went [to hospital] after I'd paid but before I'd got the doughnut," she joked.
Erin, we wish you all the very best for these final few days of your pregnancy!