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Meet Eric Bana's wife and children

The father-of-two is famously guarded about his family.

He might be a Hollywood heavy hitter these days, but Melbourne lad, Eric Bana is happiest in his role as a husband to Rebecca and father of two gorgeous kids - Klaus, 20, and Sophia, 17.
The Dirty John star, who first caught our attention in the Aussie sketch series, Full Frontal, is, at heart, an introvert who doesn't parade his family. He's not one to take his children along to premieres, or to expose them to the limelight that surrounds him since Hollywood came calling.
Eric Bana as John Meehan in Dirty John. (Image: Getty)
Bana, 50, is gaining critical acclaim for his latest role in Netflix's true-crime thriller, Dirty John.
Based on the investigative reporting and true time podcast by Los Angeles Times journalist Chris Goffard, Dirty John follows the twisted romance between Debra Newell (Connie Britton) and psychopath John Meehan (Eric Bana).
"My agent was nervous to bring up the general concept that it was a TV show and a podcast," Eric, 50, tells TV WEEK. "But I love true crime, so I hung up and immediately listened to the podcast, and then started talking to the producers and decided I'd take the leap based on the source material, even though we didn't have a script yet."
While Bana shot to fame for his comedic roles in Australia, the veteran actor is no stranger to playing darker roles with one of his stand-out performances in the role of Australian criminal, Chopper Reid in Chopper.
Eric married his wife, publicist Rebecca Bana (née Gleeson), in 1997. Image: Getty.

How Eric Bana met wife Rebecca

It was while working on Full Frontal in 1995, that Bana – born Eric Banadinović - met and fell in love with Seven Network publicist Rebecca Gleeson.
The following year he was awarded the highly coveted title of Cleo's Bachelor of the Year, and as such was awarded a trip to America as part of the prize. In a sweet twist, it was on this trip that Bana proposed to Gleeson, and the lovebirds were wed in 1997, farewelling the Bachelorhood that won him the trip in the first place!
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The pair are one of Hollywood's pin-up couples, known for supporting each other through parenthood and their careers. Rebecca Bana is an extremely talented portrait photographer, and Eric often proudly shares her work on his Twitter feed.
And sound like, when it comes to marriage, Eric is an old-fashion kinda guy.
"For whatever reason, every Australian publication gets my wife's name wrong," Bana shared in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. "It's Rebecca Bana, not Rebecca Gleeson. Always has been, ever since we married."
Loving dad, Bana is famously guarded about releasing too much information about his family. Image: Twitter/@EricBana67
Eric Bana, daughter Sophia and wife Rebecca Bana take in an AFL match in 2013. Image: Getty.
In August 1998 the couple welcomed their first child, Klaus. He was joined by younger sister Sophia in April 2002.
Marriage and parenthood are what bring Bana the greatest joy. While he doesn't say too much about it, he confessed to the Daily Telegraph that he described himself as "an ordinary dad with an extraordinary job".
He described being a parent like this: "It's the best job, the most rewarding job; it's the one that takes the most amount of thought and energy, but it's worth every bit of energy you put into it. It's the best thing."
Mini-me. Klaus bears a strong resemblance to his famous father. (Image: Instagram/@rebecca_bana_photography)
Eric and Rebecca Bana have shared a 24-year love story. (Image: Getty.)
Talented photographer Rebecca Bana captures ballet-loving daughter Sophia in the most beautiful images. (Image: Instagram/@rebecca_bana_photography)
He also admitted that he was enjoying the teen years: "They're a really lovely age."
But he has been keen to point out that he will not give too many details about his private or family life.
"I'm good about keeping that stuff to myself," he has revealed.
Klaus Bana - remind you of anyone? (Image: Instagram/@rebecca_bana_photography)
Sophia Bana. (Image: Instagram/@rebecca_bana_photography)

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