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Why Mummy blogger Constance Hall is being sued over her book, Like A Queen

Live Like A Queen sold more than 150,000 last year alone - and the book's editor is now speaking up about wanting a cut of the royalties.

By Ellie McDonald
Unapologetic in her pregnancy candour (remember when her views on “parent sex” went viral?), Constance Hall has made name for herself as one super-candid Aussie mummy blogger.
But it isn’t her raw and honest Instagram posts about being pregnant with her seventh child catching our attention this week – rather, the Perth-based blogger is being sued by the editor of her best-selling book, Like A Queen.

As reported by Perth’s The Sunday Times, the editor of Constance’s book, journalist Kristen Watts is accusing the mummy blogger of “oppressive conduct”, claiming that Constance owes her payment of royalties of the self-published book (which sold more than 150,000 copies online).
Ms Watts, who was once a friend and business partner of Constance’s, claims that Constance broke her contract by not paying her at least 30 per cent of the book’s net profits.
In writ lodged to the Supreme Court on Friday, Ms Watts’ legal team stated:
“In the circumstances, the conduct of Ms Hall and Like A Queen is oppressive or un-fairly prejudicial to or unfairly discriminatory against Ms Watts as a shareholder of Like A Queen.”
Ms Watts’ lawyer also says that she’s merely asking for what she bargained with Constance, and is not being opportunistic.
“My client thought that this book would be successful for a variety of reasons but no one thought it was going to be the success that it has been ... all she wants out of this is the bargain that she struck in the beginning, that’s it, nothing more, it’s not opportunistic.”
Amid the controversy, which is believed to have been happening for the last 15 months, Constance appears not to be bothered by what’s happening. Instead, she’s taken to Instagram to post a heap of loved-up pics with her partner and family.
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