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Pregnant Carrie Bickmore's living her best life on holidays

The Project star is bumping along beautifully!

By Bella Brennan
She's about to welcome her third child but before her bub's arrival, Carrie Bickmore has headed to Hawaii for the ultimate family escape.
On Monday night, The Project favourite took to Instagram to share her sun-drenched holiday album from her recent trip with her partner, producer Chris Walker, and two kids Ollie and Evie.
In the snaps, the TV WEEK Gold Logie winner beams as she chases after her kids in the surf rocking a striped halter-neck bikini which perfectly showcased her beautiful baby bump.
"Sun ✔️surf ✔️play time ✔️ 'mostly' digital free days (fortnight sneakily made it's way into a few days) ✔️ no news (I did hear the great news about the cave rescue but stayed away from news cycle ✔️ family time ✔️ lots of chips and icecream ✔️ (craving an apple or a crunchy veggie!) and the same bathers I have worn for 3 pregnancies (eek!)," Carrie penned.
Adding: "But who wants to shop for bathers when pregnant. They are old and crusty and used to be white and now are a mix of fake tan, sunscreen and salt, but they do the job just fine."
That is the face of pure holiday bliss right there!
Carrie plays in the surf with Ollie and Evie.
In a stunning close-up selfie, Carrie sports pigtail plaits and has the much sought-after holiday glow that can only be achieved after an off-the-grid experience.
Adding of her return to The Project desk on Tuesday night: "Happy Hawaiian holiday over back to work tomorrow. But not complaining. Had such a good break. It was the first week I haven't felt sick in months and I am genuinely pumped to go back to work to jobs I love. Will be nice doing them nausea free!!!"
Capping off her glorious "holiday spam", Carrie admitted she was going to miss not being around the kids every day.
"Had such a good break. It was the first week I haven't felt sick in months and I am genuinely pumped to go back to work to jobs I love!"
Carrie with her daughter Evie.
"Really gonna miss hanging with the fam 24/7 though. Something nice about the pace of summer holidays. Last holiday as the 4 of us. Next one we'll be outnumbered, anyway last holiday spam I promise."
Since announcing her pregnancy joy last month, Carrie has been open about her struggle with morning sickness.
"I've been sick the entire time," she told us at the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.
Carrie doesn't know what gender her third child will and and is still tossing up whether or not she should find out.
"We're still trying to decide if we should find out!"
"I've got one of each at this stage so maybe we should just leave it as a surprise."
"The kids are very excited. Evie plays baby and dolls all the time so she'll probably just treat it like a doll. And Ollie, he's pretty cool about it all. Part of him wants a boy so he can kick the ball."
Chris and Evie kick back on the beach.
We know where Evie gets that mega-watt smile from!