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Beyoncé and Jay Z have welcomed their twins!

Blue Ivy, 5, is now officially a big sister.

By Emily Kerr and Chloe Lal
After rumours this week that Beyoncé and Jay Z had welcomed their twins into the world, both People and US Weekly have now confirmed the news.
“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” a source tells People.
The gender of the babies is yet to be confirmed, but that hasn't stopped various people speculating.
On Tuesday, Twitter went into meltdown after Jay Z was reportedly seen leaving his home heading towards the couple's LA medical centre of choice, leading many to believe his wife had gone into labour.
If you believe the somewhat questionable sources on Twitter, then heavy security was spotted at an LA hospital, with some claiming security staff were carrying two baby seats to a medical facility earlier in the day.
A news reporter in Alaska, Caslon Hatch, also added fuel to the fire tweeting, "You heard it here first. A friend of a friend who is an OB @ Beyoncé’s hospital tells me she had her twins, a boy and girl."
In a video speech congratulating 47-year-old Jay Z on his recent induction into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, the former leader of the free world hinted that Blue Ivy was about to get two sisters.
Of course, he could have meant that he and Jay Z love their respective children, who, right now, happen to only include daughters. But, it could also mean the rapper is about to “beat” the president in the daughter’s stakes with two more mini-mes.

One thing that is certain; music's new reigning twins were no doubt welcomed in style.
According to a Life & Style report, the Lemonade singer spent $660, 589 on an over-the-top nursery that features walk-in closets, a $26,423 mural on the ceiling, and a movie theater.
"Bey and Jay knocked out a wall between two bedrooms to create a master suite-size nursery inside their LA home,” said a source.
"The twins will have matching cribs and rockers and designer sheets totaling $39,635, plus a $66,058 state-of-the-art sound system."
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