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This photo of a baby smoking a cigarette will make you unleash every expletive known to mankind

Apparently this child’s mother thinks this is OK because her daughter only had one puff (?!).

By Ellie McDonald
Ah, Reddit: a digital, Gladiator-style arena where people can type, post, upload and embed content as freely as Donald Trump can drop a “truth” bomb on Twitter.
Such is the case of one unnamed mum, who uploaded a picture to Instagram of what appears to be her child inhaling cigarette smoke, as she is now on the receiving end of fierce backlash for latest online post.
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As reported by Mamamia, the now-viral picture is captioned: “Trying brittnies cig hahaha (and for everyone getting offended over this she only had one puff of the thing and barely inhaled it was for a joke photo)."
While some online users are calling this picture out as a “joke” or fake, many Reddit-ers (understandably) don’t see this picture’s funny side.
“For any teeth that haven't came in yet, those gums will just erode away, allowing for an easy break. No need for that pesky teething!” one worried user wrote.
“The fact that she thinks the child's lungs would be affected without actually inhaling anything is such a high level of stupidity,” another agreed, adding: “I would want to explain it to her, but at that point she's just too far gone.”
And the assaults kept flowing in:
“This just makes me sick!”
“This person is a waste of breath. That kid is supposed to be able to trust these people.”
Our hearts go out to this baby girl – whether this picture is fictitious or not.