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The parenting dilemma that had Ash Pollard in tears weeks after welcoming her second baby

Why she's keeping it real about being a mum-of-two.

By Maddison Leach
Ash Pollard may look like a put-together super mum on her Instagram, but even she struggles with the realities of parenting.
With two little ones at home – one-year-old Clementine and newborn Claudette – the former My Kitchen Rules star really has her work cut out for her.
And like all parents, some days are harder than others for Ash.
The 36-year-old shared a raw insight into her life as a new mum of two on Wednesday, as she tearfully took to social media to confess she struggles too.
Ash Pollard shares two gorgeous daughters with her partner Pete Ferne. (Instagram)
"Having a quick cry," she captioned a photo of herself with frizzy hair and pink cheeks, before hinting that social media had caused her emotional outburst.
"I've unfollowed anybody on Instagram that makes me feel like s—t," she said with tears in her eyes as Claudette napped on her chest.
"Any influencer who looks fabulous that currently has kids, I don't want a bar of. I don't want to be made to feel inferior at this point."
Ash gave birth to her second child with partner Pete Ferne on Christmas Day 2021 and made it clear that the transition to being a mum of two hadn't been easy.
It's something many new mums can relate to, and Ash called out to fellow parents who may be doing it tough and comparing themselves to mum- and dad-influencers online.
"I know there are some other women and new mums out there who might feel the same," she said.
"So if you're feeling like s—t or you're just wondering 'how do I do it?', first of all, don't compare yourself to anybody else because that's a death trap."
She then urged fellow mums to unfollow anyone on social media that makes them feel inadequate, before reminding her followers that "we're all battling".
WATCH: See the moment Ash announced her second pregnancy live on air. Story continues after video.
Though Ash didn't specify which influencer had caused her tears, any mum with a newborn and a toddler will know exactly how emotional those early days can be.
The former reality TV star sought advice from parents who have been through it before, asking fellow mums for suggestions on how to "survive".
Scrolling through the responses on her Instagram Stories, Ash revealed that much of the advice was to simply breathe, plan ahead as much as possible and ask for help from those around her.
"So basically, in a nutshell, put one foot in front of the other and get as much s—t ready as you can the night before," the 36-year-old summed up.
Ash keeps it real, posting photos like this one taken moments after Claudette vomited all over her. (Instagram)
Many new mums struggle with feelings of self-doubt, especially in the newborn stage, and seeing other parents seemingly thriving on social media can intensify those feelings.
Ash clarified in one of her posts that she knows parenting influencers don't mean to make people feel inadequate, but for her own peace of mind she had to disengage from that kind of content.
She also works hard to keep her own social media posts as real as possible, showing the good, the bad and the ugly of parenting.
Earlier this week she posted candid photos of the moment Claudette threw up all over her during a trip to Ash's dermatologist's office for some Botox.
She serves as an important reminder to parents that keeping it real on social media is so important, and that it's okay to unfollow anyone who makes you feel less than.
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