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Why this school note urging parents to take more responsibility for their kids has gone viral

It's "learned at home."

By Amber Manto
A school in Portugal has found itself at the centre of a heated online debate after a poster displayed in their halls went viral.
The message was clear: we are not responsible for teaching your children manners, this starts at home.
The poster read:
The controversial poster.
The poster has caused a stir, with teachers and parents divided on the issue.
On Facebook, Maureen Crist writes: "'It takes a village' to raise children. I would hope those values are incorporated in the classroom. Some kids don't get it at home."
Gretchen Rae agrees: "So many kids don't get these vital life skills at home. We teach all things by example... I do my best to provide this instruction as I teach them academics."
Others believe it's about time someone said it.
"Perfectly written!" Kel Dickins commented on Facebook.
"100% accurate," Steven Clarke agreed.
The school has not commented any further on the posters.

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