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Watch Naturally 7’s spine-tingling cover of You’re the Voice ahead of their Australian tour

John Farnham’s You’re the Voice would have to be one of the most covered Aussie songs ever, but a capella group Naturally 7’s rendition is the only one we’ve heard that's left us speechless.

By Blake Nadilo
In an exclusive video for Woman’s Day American vocal group Naturally 7, made up of Roger Thomas, Warren Thomas, Rod Eldridge, Ricky Court, Dwight Stewart, Garfield Buckley and Kelz, have given new meaning to the Aussie smash hit You’re the Voice.
Using only their incredible voices, this very special boy band absolutely nail the 1986 song ahead of their Australian tour for World Vision.
Front man Roger Thomas revealed: “We are coming down there in August and we can hardly contain our excitement, so we decided to do something special.”
Before adding: “We know that this song means a lot to you, so we decided to put that Naturally 7 spin on it. It has touched our hearts - hopefully it touches yours.”
The talented team were on our shores last year for Michael Bublé’s world tour - yet another impressive achievement to add to their long list of credentials. Which also includes appearing on hugely popular US talk shows Ellen, The View and raking in well over 20 million views on YouTube.
Before heading to Oz, the American band will first travel to Cambodia with World Vision to help with projects that aim to conquer poverty.
“We are so excited to heading back to Australia… Being able to travel to Cambodia on the way to see the difference that World Vision is making on the ground there is such a privilege and gives the trip more meaning for us,” said Roger.
“We are looking forward to touring our favourite continent away from home!” said Naturally 7, “It's going to be an honour to do it this time with World Vision, an organisation for which we have so much admiration. And of course the best part... we can't wait to see our Aussie fans!"
Check out the video player above to exclusively hear Naturally 7’s spine-tingling rendition of You’re the Voice.

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