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Justin Trudeau is all of us meeting Donald Trump

Comes after the Canadian PM was urged “don’t be a Malcolm” following Turnbull’s disastrous phone call.

By Lorna Gray
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is currently experiencing a LOT of love on the internet for the way he shook American President Donald Trump’s hand.
Well, more love than the handsome world leader usually gets (what? We’re women with eyes!).
The handshake love he’s receiving is twofold: Firstly, Trudeau doesn’t allow Trump to shake his hand in the forceful manner he’s been known to do and secondly, a photographer
caught an epic look of apparent displeasure on Trudeau’s face as Trump offers him his hand.
Trump has deployed a rather forceful handshake when shaking hands with important political figures for several seconds longer than necessary.
Take this handshake on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for example.
But Trudeau was having none of it, and grabbed the president’s shoulder as he firmly shook his hand.
It comes as the Canadian media warned Trudeau: "Don't be a Malcolm," in reference to our Prime Minister.
Toronto Star newspaper's editorial board made the warning, followed by their interpretation of the disastrous call between Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump:
"... Then there's Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian prime minister who had the bad luck to have his first phone chat with Trump at a moment when the new president was in a particularly testy mood. It seems poor Turnbull just got in the line of fire at a moment when the president was tired and cranky".
The meeting also provided us with a picture that promptly went viral. You can see why:
It was the pair’s first face-to-face meeting and the stark contrast between the two men’s politics was evident. Trudeau is a liberal who champions free trade and has welcomed 40,000 Syrian refugees. He openly calls himself a feminist.
Here’s a snippet of what they had to say.

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