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This age-defying Singaporean model is currently breaking the internet

We’ll take five of whatever he’s having!

By Lorna Gray
A male model from Singapore is currently taking the internet by storm. And not just because of his devilish good looks.
While Chuando Tan is as aesthetically pleasing as you’d imagine, given his profession, it's his age that's really got people talking.

Chuando Tan is 50 years old.
50. Years. Old.
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Needless to say, people are stunned, given the fact he could pass for a man in his early twenties.
So, what’s his secret?
Working out regularly (le sigh), not bathing early in the morning or late at night (?!) and eating his favourite dish, spicy Hainanese chicken is what we all need to be doing apparently.
We're going to go out on a limb here and say genes have to play a part in making this sort of body possible, no matter what age you are:

Tan, who's known as CD, used to be a popstar but he now owns a successful photography company, as well as getting in front of the camera himself.
CD - you've rendered us speechless!