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World’s oldest mum: I’ve had quads at 65!

This defiant German mum of 17 says she has plenty of energy for four new babies.

By Blake Nadilo
The world was in disbelief when German woman and already mother to 13 kids, Annegret Raunigk, was pregnant at 65 with quadruplets – but now after months of uncertainty she can finally take her babies home.
She became the oldest mother to quadruplets when she gave birth in May, but it was touch and go as the Annegret’s four newborns were premature and severely underweight, the smallest coming in at a shocking one pound seven ounces.
Professor Christoph Buhrer from the Neonatology Department at Berlin’s Charite Hospital has confirmed to the German press, “all have developed well, they have grown wonderfully in a short time.”
He added: “The children were born through Caesarean section but all four are now as strong and as heavy as it they had been born naturally.”
By the time the quads reach 18 their mother will be 83, but Annegret’s focus is firmly on the present and not the future.
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