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Woman survives bone cancer and becomes a model

A 20-year-old woman who was fitted with a bionic leg after surviving bone cancer has forged a career as a model.

Elesha Turner, a student from Hastings, in East Sussex, was diagnosed with bone cancer after a holiday in Eqypt last June, The Express reported.
Doctors removed her femur, knee and the top of her tibia, before giving her a bionic leg.
"To think that I've gone from thinking I might lose my leg, to becoming a model, is just so surreal," she told The Express.
"When the doctors told me I had cancer, it was just a nightmare - I don't know anyone that's been affected by it before, so it was so scary.
A #BoneCancer diagnosis is shocking, but it didn't prevent Elesha Turner from being stunning http://t.co/DStPCIYJBZ pic.twitter.com/llvPhdcuFC
Following rehabilitation, Elesha found an article about Models of Diversity in a magazine.
"My auntie and I thought it looked really interesting so I got in touch with Angel, the founder," she said.
"I'm going to be one of the faces of their disability campaign and I'm really excited - I can't wait to challenge people's perceptions," she told The Express.

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