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Alien adventures: The 6 best spots around the world to go looking for aliens

If you're looking for a close encounter with some extra terrestrials try one of these holiday hot spots, it will be out of this world!

If you're looking for a close encounter with an extraterrestrial look no further than these alien sighting hot spots! From Chile to Australia there is something for every E.T enthusiast.

Area 51, Nevada

Was the area used for testing alien spacecraft? (Photo credit: Alamy)
Shrouded in secrecy and hidden deep in the desert within a ring of mountains is the infamous Area 51, a secretive military installation.
Well known for its role in conspiracy theories, it has served as a military test facility since the 1950s.
Many believe that Area 51 is a secret testing space for alien aircraft, many of which could easily be considered unidentified flying objects.
The cleverly named Little A'Le'Inn. (Photo credit: Alamy)
If you're looking for a place to stay during your UFO stake out, try the alien-themed motel called Little A'Le'Inn – see what they did there!
But be warned if you try and get too close!
The closest legal vantage point of the base is at the top of Tikaboo Peak, around 40km away.
Usually the guards of the site call the local police, who dole out a $600 fine to those, curious enough to try and get too catch a glimpse.

UFO trail in Chile

The 30-kilometre trail through the Andes Mountains is famous around the world for strange happenings. (Photo credit: Alamy)
The UFO trail in San Clemente, Chile, is famous around the world for strange happenings.
Established in 2008, the 30-kilometre trail winds through the Andes Mountains to hit numerous sites where close encounters have been reported.
The trail's highlight, El Enladrillado, is an unusually flat area formed by 200 uniformly cut volcanic rock blocks reportedly laid out by ancient civilisations.
The eerie location takes four hours to reach by horseback and is believed to be a landing pad for UFOs!

Highway 3, New Hampshire

This sign post marks the scene of the Route 3 incident. (Photo credit: Alamy)
Along Route 3 NH you'll find a sign posted which is more than just a regular street sign or tourism plaque.
This landmark commemorates the place where the first modern-day alien abduction was reported.
You can visit the spot where the first modern-day alien abduction was reported! (Photo credit: Alamy)
Betty and Barney Hill were driving home along Route 3 when they saw a hovering disk-shaped object and lost two hours of time.
Under separate hypnotic regressions, both claimed to have been waylaid and probed by aliens while driving south on US 3 on September 19, 1961.

Wiltshire crop circle

No one knows where these crop circles come from. (Image: Getty Images)
The sweeping fields of Wiltshire, England may seem harmless at first glance, but when viewed from above it's easy to see why many UFO fanatics frequent the area.
Known as the epicentre for crop circles, Wiltshire has no shortage of unnatural landmarks.
It's also home to one of the best-known wonders of the world, Stonehenge.
A crop circle up close. (Photo credit: Alamy)
Appearing overnight and seemingly from thin air, crop circles are believed to be made by UFOs or formed when spaceships land.
The impossibly symmetrical geometric designs have drawn people from all over the globe to visit the site.
Some even claim to have experienced tingling sensations in their hands as they get closer to the flattened areas in the crops.

Aussie UFO capital

Wycliffe Well is one the of worlds top UFO hotspots. (Photo credit: Alamy)
If you're looking for a close encounter with the supernatural, Wycliffe Well, NT, is a good place to start.
Listed as one of the top five UFO hotspots in the world, locals say a sighting is guaranteed at least once every couple of days.
Pop to the local pub for a beer and listen while locals and tourists swap sighting stories.
The toilet block at the scene of the sighting. (Photo credit: Alamy)
The walls are peppered in UFO articles from the area to set the atmosphere, some dating back to WWII.
Hundreds have reported seeing pulsating and flashing lights of orange, green and red lighting up the sky.
In one case a "huge' craft was seen hovering 100m above the parks toilet block that took off at an astonishing speed.
So be careful doing your business, you might be beamed up!

Westall, Australia

A photo of the supposed Westall UFO. (Image: Getty Images)
The last thing you expect to see when heading off to school is a UFO flying by, but according to reports in 1966 that's exactly what happened in the Australian town of Westall, Vic.
It is reported that just before Easter an unexplained flying object flew low over the high school and landed.
In its wake was a perfect circle of cut, scorched grass.
In its wake was a perfect circle of cut, scorched grass. (Image: Getty Images)
It then took off followed by three smaller unidentified craft.
More than 200 schoolchildren saw this reported extra-terrestrial ship before later being told by authorities that they didn't see anything.
Now the site of Australia's biggest mass sighting of a UFO, witnesses on the day have since recounted that the silver spacecraft looked as if it "had come out of a mould" and had "no seams, no joins".

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