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Police officer reunites boy with lost gift, restores our faith in humanity

The smile on this sweet six-year-old’s face says it all...

By Ellie McDonald

Introducing Santa’s unofficial little helper!

This week, Western Australian senior constable Jeremy Dickenson was a man on a mission – a mission to return a lost Christmas gift to very worthy recipient.

As reported by the ABC, earlier this week, a “nice gentleman”, as Dickenson describes, handed in a wrapped gift that he had found on the side of a highway into Roebourne Police Statio in WA.

The festive parcel had nothing but a first name and “from Uncle” attached to it, but that didn’t deter Dickenson from tracking down the intended receiver.

However, for Dickenson, the biggest clue lied in the recipient’s name, an unique moniker that struck a chord with Dickenson; a person with same first name had, in fact, won a police road safety award earlier in the year.

"I hunted through a heap of the old archive records and found this kid's surname and through a bit of searching around got an address," he said.

So the present didn’t get lost in its way for a second time, the officer then went on to deliver the gift to the youngster personally.

"As soon as we turned up with his big present he was all grins, he was just very happy,” Dickenson says.

"He was just absolutely rapt.”

And the proof is in this young boy’s ear-to-ear smile…

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