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Mum has C-section after giving birth to her baby

They opened her up but couldn't find a baby, and then they heard a cry.

A traumatised mother speaks of her experience after doctors performed an emergency caesarian just minutes after she gave birth naturally reports The Sun.
Amber Hughes, 21, was rushed to theatre after a 36 hour labour as doctors feared the baby had an infection.
For two terrifying and painful moments confused doctors searched inside her for a baby, before a cry was heard and baby Olly was discovered between her legs under the sheet.
“It was horrific. I was expecting my bundle of joy to be passed to me, but instead I watched panic spread over doctors' faces," said Amber of her experience at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.
"For two whole minutes they were truly baffled until they heard little cries coming from my lap and pulled up the sheet to find Olly lying in between my legs.
"I wondered if it was the drugs I was on and I was imagining it, not only was I cut open unnecessarily, but my poor baby was under a sheet alone."
The mum of four is furious that she now bears a caesarian scar that was, essentially, unnecessary.
© Amber Hughes/Talk To The Press
The unfortunate situation is not so much an error as a matter of timing according to Elaine Broughton, head of midwifery for Leicester’s Hospitals.
Elaine said: “We were really very worried about Amber and her baby as there were signs of infection and her waters had broken quite some time ago, yet the delivery didn’t appear to be progressing.
"The decision to carry out an emergency Caesarean is never taken lightly but we thought it was for the best in this case.
“Clearly, between the decision to operate and Amber’s arrival in theatre, Mother Nature had taken over.
“We are looking at the chain of events in detail and will share our findings with the parents. We are sorry this happened but glad mum and baby are doing well.”

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