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Lorna Jane scammer cons girls for skimpy pictures

A man is calling women asking for images of themselves wearing Lorna Jane sports underwear. What he did next was even creepier.

A man calling himself Victor has been calling young Australian women and asking them to send images of themselves wearing Lorna Jane sportswear - specifically, sports bras and shorts.
When Gold Coast woman, Sally*, was approached via phone last month, Victor told her Lorna Jane were looking for models for an upcoming campaign reports news.com.au.
The man conducted a Skype interview and to Sally, everything seemed legitimate.
“He was very professional, very convincing, very legitimate in how he came across,” Sally told news.com.au.
“There was nothing that said, ‘This isn’t totally normal’. He was wearing business attire [on the Skype chat] and he seemed professional. There was nothing obvious [to suggest otherwise],” she said.
But when Sally sent the photos through, she received an abusive phone call from the man.
“He said, ‘If you do this, you need to lose 5-6kg, you need to go and get Botox’. I have rheumatoid arthritis and he said, ‘We have to remove any of that because it would be off-putting for the customer’.
“This was the point where I thought, what the hell is going on? I literally told him to go f* himself.
“I posted a status on Facebook saying, ‘What the hell? I just got this insane phone call’ and it got loads of comments and shares.”
It was this status that alerted the company to the issue, and Lorna Jane's public relations manager, Belinda Zordan says they immediately notified police and began investigating the matter.
The are currently in talks with the Brisbane Cyber Crimes Unit.

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