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Is same sex marriage in Australia legal now?

The senate has passed the same-sex marriage bill, but what does that actually mean?
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Australian’s are celebrating following the news that the Senate has passed a bill to legalise same-sex marriage with no amendments made, a historic moment in our Nation’s polarising history.

The news comes following the exciting outcome of the same-sex marriage postal vote just two weeks ago, with 61% of Australians voting yes to legalise same-sex marriage.

The bill must now pass through the House of Representatives meaning same-sex marriage is not quite legal down under, but we are one step closer and that is a big reason to celebrate.

Another reason to celebrate? Most politicians are expecting the bill to be law before Christmas, possibly as early as this week.

Same sex marriage Australia facts and statistics

  • In 2001 the Netherlands became the first the country to legislate same-sex marriage, meaning we’re only about 17 years behind. The 2016 Census showed that 46,800 same-sex couples call Australia home.

  • In 2003 same-sex de facto relationships became legally recognised for the first time in Australia.

  • Currently each state and territory of Australia has a different set of anti-discrimination laws and recognition of civil partnerships and same sex marriages performed overseas, with all bar Western Australia and the NT who have no civil union or domestic partnership acknowledgment at all.

  • As of February in 2017, same-sex couples can adopt children everywhere in Australia but the Northern Territory.

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