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Meet the Great Dane who has helped this disabled girl learn to walk

The bond between a person and their dog can often be one of the most precious relationships. But when Bella Burton, 11, met her Great Dane, George, it literally changed her life.

By Bella Brennan
The Massachusetts local suffers from a rare genetic condition called Morquio syndrome, which seriously impedes her mobility and walking.
Bella had tried just about everything to learn to walk – and with no luck.
“I had wheelchairs, walkers, Canadian crutches, regular crutches,” she explained to ABC News.
“And then we got George and I dropped my crutches and started to use him.”
George’s large and sturdy frame means young Bella can lean on him as she walks. Miraculously, within one short year of teaming up with the gentle giant, Bella can now walk all by herself.
“With George, she's become so much stronger and active,” Bella’s mother Rachel Burton revealed to Home News Here.
“[George is] the most loyal dog we could have hoped for. He's 131 pounds (59 kilograms), and she's 43 pounds (19 kilograms), but he's just so chill around her. And he does anything,” she added of their incredible dynamic.
The cute black and white pooch is a trained service dog and is now inseparable from Bella’s side.
Team work! Within one short year of getting the trained service dog, Bella can now walk all by herself.
In fact, the positive influence he’s had over her life will be officially recognised when George receives the Award for Canine Excellence from the American Kennel Club next month.
Bella’s family have documented her incredible journey on their popular Facebook page, which is aptly named Bella and George. To find out more about the duo and Bella’s condition, be sure to check it out here.
Watch Bella and George work as the ultimate team in the video players above
Inseparable! George and Bella have an unbreakable bond.

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