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Girl blows safety pin out of her nose after 6-month mystery illness

Here's what happens when you forget that you put a safety pin in your nose a few months earlier...

Khloe Russell had spent months walking around with a runny nose.
The 5-year-old from California was constantly blowing green mucus from one nostril.
Her mother, Katelyn Powell, told media the worst part was "it stunk".
Every time Katelyn took her daughter to a doctor, she was diagnosed with a sinus infection.
But multiple rounds of antibiotics did nothing to stymie that runny liquid.
"We even took her to the dentist because we thought it was her teeth," Katelyn said.
Finally an uncle demanded Russell blow her "disgusting" nose.
Russell did, and out came a 1.5-inch safety pin.
Let this be a lesson to anyone whose kids like sticking things in their nose and forgetting about them.

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