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Former Neighbours star Eliza Szonert’s dramatic recovery of her child from ex-partner

She’s used to portraying climatic scenarios on the silver screen but now determined mum Eliza Szonert has lived through one in real life.

By Blake Nadilo
Video footage has emerged showing former Neighbours actress Eliza Szonert involved in a dramatic operation to retrieve her son from her former partner Ashely Crick in Malaysia.
The parents have reportedly been involved in a bitter custody battle, resulting in Eliza allegedly being removed from her former partner’s Malaysian hotel without her son or passport.
Within a week the 41-year-old got her son back in a dramatic fashion thanks to one of Australia’s leading child recovery agencies, which chooses to remain anonymous because of security reasons.
The Daily Mail has obtained footage depicting Eliza being escorted by two burly men through a busy Malaysian shopping mall.
In the video the men, who are assumed to be from the child recovery agency, can be seen approaching a table where Ashley Crick and his son are seated.
Soon after, the actress quickly grabs her son and whisks him away without looking back.A second video, also obtained by The Daily Mail, shows Eliza revealing her joy that she finally has her son back. She says she's “'feeling adrenaline and relieved - I'm crying".
However, the battle is far from over, with the recovery agency telling the news website that the Australian government is refusing to issue a new passport to the child, because one already exists.
The High Commissioner has allegedly labelled this case a “civil custody matter” and that Miss Szonert must negotiate a deal with her former partner.
The dramatic moment was captured on camera.
“The Australian government is just wiping their hands of it,’ the spokesperson for the agency told the Daily Mail.
It is understood that last week Eliza took her son to Kuala Lumpur to visit his dad, who is a high profile businessman and sky-diver, when things came to a head.

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