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Doctor laced strawberries with rape drugs

After he drugged and raped his victim, he then kept her in a secret dungeon

A doctor in Sweden has been accused of drugging and raping a woman he’d been keeping in a secret, underground bunker.
The doctor – who has been described as the “Swedish Fritzel” – is alleged to have drugged the 38-year-old woman with Rohypnol-laced strawberries in Stockholm, before driving her more than 550 kilometres to his bunker in the south of Sweden.
The 38-year-old doctor wore rubber masks of bearded and elderly men to avoid being recognised.
Swedish newspaper Kvallsposten reported the doctor was a "very unhappy man. He has no girlfriend. He has built this building, then he has taken a person to be his girlfriend".
Police say he spent several years building the concrete dungeon which he had equipped with a kitchen – including a afully stocked fridge -, toilet and bedroom, SMH reports.
The dungeon had double security doors and was both sound and light-proof.
When police searched the dungeon, they allegedly found an Ikea pine bed, a desk and a kitchen area with a sink and hot plate, reports Swedish news site Aftonbladet.
Police believe he was planning to kidnap other women.

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