Daredevil takes amazing photos of Melbourne city skyline

Photographer Bryce Wilson is a real life Spiderman - scaling buildings to get a great shot.

Some might describe him as an urban explorer and other might just think he is plain crazy but one thing we can all agree on is that Bryce Wilson takes some pretty incredible photographs of the Melbourne skyline at night.

The 24-year-old thrill seeker came to the attention of the public last year when he posted a video of himself dangling off a building as the tiny people looked on from below. He captioned the video, ‘Spiderman’.

That cavalier attitude might prompt some to criticise Wilson but in a recent interview with the Daily Mail the marketing executive said he was well aware of the danger.

“The inherent risks are life and death but that is what this is, a pursuit of art in the face of death,” he told the Mail Online.

Bryce says through the lens of his camera he just wants to shine a light on the city he lives in from a view rarely seen, even by those who live in it.

“I think about exposing the right areas, or how I can frame a shot to tell a story, capture a candid moment or demonstrate the scale of the city,” he said.

Mr Wilson likened the danger he exposes himself to to the “acceptable level of risk” people engage in everyday – cars, trains etc. But says he doesn’t approach his thrill seeking pastime with fear.

“For me, I don’t look at the risk, I think I want to get that shot and overcoming the environment is a part of that.”

Here are some of his amazing shots as seen on Instagram.

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