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Chilling recordings of Cobby murder confession

30 years after Anita Cobby's death, police release chilling confessions.

30 years after her death the Anita Cobby murder is still one of the most horrific crimes this country has seen.
Detectives have released recordings of the men who committed the heinous crime confessing to their atrocity reports
The tapes have John Travers speaking from his jail cell, and Michael Murdoch at home with his wife, before they both confessed to the savage gang rape and murder of the 26-year-old Cobby.
The recordings were obtained by Travers’s aunt, known only as “Miss X,” who agreed to wear a wire while she visited her nephew in jail. She then visited Murdoch in his home to capture the man on tape.
Miss X says she did it because “no woman should ever have to go through what that lady did.”
The recordings were played in court and led to the conviction of the five attackers.
“I don’t know how to put it, did you have sex with her?” she is heard asking Travers in the tape.
“Yeah,” he answered.
“Did anybody else?” Miss X asked.
“All of them,” he responded. “We were all drunk and she’d f*ing seen all of us. I said, ‘she’s got to be done’, and they said ‘do your thing’. So I just cut her.”
The chilling recordings were aired last night on Seven News Investigates: Anita Cobby. You Thought You Knew It All.

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