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Baby rabbits rescued after woman advertised them as food on Craigslist

A woman has been caught advertising baby rabbits as snake food on website Craigslist.

A woman from Lake Geneva in the US tried to sell seven live baby rabbits on Craigslist as food.
Local media reports seven bunnies were advertised as snake food on the online sale site but have been rescued by an animal welfare group called Fellow Mortals.
"The fact that people would think these beautiful little babies would be used as good for something else. I can't speak to what they were thinking," director of rehabilitation at the wildlife facility, Yvonne Wallace Blane told local media.
"(They were) dehydrated and thin because they had missed an entire day of feeding. To put that into perspective that's like a human baby missing 12 days of feeding," said Wallace Blane.
She is hopeful the bunnies will make a full recovery.
Sadly, this isn’t the first case of rabbit cruelty to hit the web in recent weeks.
As previously reported by The Weekly, a Danish radio DJ actually killed a 9-week-old bunny while on the air, claiming that he was “making a statement” about animal cruelty.

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