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Bride shares wedding dance with donor who saved her life

“You didn't just save Greta's life; you saved all of our lives”

Most brides save their special dance for their husband or father.
But Greta Hokanson chose to share this dance with someone else – the bone marrow donor who saved her life.
When Greta was 16, she was diagnosed with leukemia and the only cure was a bone marrow transplant.
After joining the bone marrow registry, she discovered that a 44-year-old man from Arkansas was one of her matches.
And it seemed almost fortuitous that her match ended up being Danny Daniels, a former member of the Arkansas Air National Guard who spent his career saving the lives of others.
Greta repaid the favour eight years later by saving Danny a dance at her wedding, despite the two having never met.
When he was introduced at the wedding, the former airman got a standing ovation.
"I said in my speech at the wedding, 'Danny, we told you this before — you didn't just save Greta's life, you saved all of our lives,'" Greta's mother, Jan Perske, told the crowd in a speech, AOL reports.
For Danny, he was just pleased to be able to see Greta live a normal life.
“I just thank God that I was able to help someone,” he said.
What a touching story.

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