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Aussie mum’s pregnancy shock: “I had no idea I was having FIVE babies!”

Only in Woman's Day, this mother reveals she was in disbelief when her scan showed five heartbeats.

Kim Tucci knows that even in Hollywood they couldn’t have scripted her story better. “Just one more? I want to try for a boy,” she pleaded with her husband Vaughn earlier this year, after looking over newborn pictures of their daughters, Aiva, now four, and Indiana, two.
“We’d always wanted three kids. Vaughn was happy with any gender, but I really wanted a boy for him,” says Perth resident Kim, 26, who also has a nine-year-old son Kurt from a previous relationship.
Her wish was granted when she soon fell pregnant but her excitement quickly turned to shock at her five-week scan.
“The ultrasound was on my stomach and the sonographer said, ‘Hmm, you’ve got multiple gestational sacs in there – you might be having twins.’”
“I asked for a second opinion, so the doctor from the next room came in and said, ‘Well, it’s clearly visible to me that there are five in there’. Then he counted out loud, ‘One… two… three… four… five.'"
Confused, Kim asked what was going on. “Congratulations, it’s quintuplets!” the sonographer told her.
A hurried phone call to Vaughn followed. “I was so worried about my wife,” says the 32-year-old carpenter.
Aiva and Indiana are excited for their new siblings to come along.
Remarkably, Kim’s pregnancy came about totally naturally. There were no fertility drugs and no IVF 
– making it a one-in-55-million chance!
“It’s a huge responsibility 
and I have days where I’m very anxious. My biggest concern is delivering all of my babies alive."
The quietly spoken mum expects to be hospitalised shortly after Christmas, even though her little team isn’t due until April 12.
“We’re cramming everything into these last few weeks – Vaughn’s ‘man shower’ and my baby shower, which doubled as a gender reveal party,” says Kim.
To find out more about Kim’s incredible pregnancy, including the gender of her five babies, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Woman’s Day, on sale now!

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