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Zoë Foster Blake is here to help you win your breakup

All the single ladies, now put your hands up!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Zoë Foster Blake - a.k.a superwoman - has just released a shiny new iPhone app for break-ups, thoughtfully entitled 'Break-Up Boss.’
The mum-of-one, who is currently expecting her second child, confirmed the exciting news on Instagram.
“Seven years ago I decided to write a book on break-ups,” the 36-year-old explains. “Because I think they’re a gift. A chance for epic growth. Painful but largely misunderstood, like Justin Bieber. But life got busy, and the idea was parked.”

“Then, last year, I realised it should be an APP, not a book! So, I jammed a books’ worth of content into a tidy little app, and today that app and idea is finally live. 💔”
The Wrong Girl author goes onto explain that the app is designed to work as a “digital pocket coach.”
“It’s called Break-Up Boss, and it has a singular goal: to help women handle, heal and move on from their breakup in a healthy, positive way. To act as a digital pocket coach for your traumatised, fragile, gorgeous little heart,” she writes.
“After all: Why should break-ups be the boss of your life, mood, personality, diet, social life, sleep patterns, and (now ravenous and atrocious) drinking habits? F*ck that. You gotta take back control. You gotta be the boss of your break-up. You gotta make it work for you. And hopefully, with Break-Up Boss, you will. 💔”
The app, which (gloriously) appears to pull it’s design inspiration straight from the packaging of a ‘90s Barbie Doll, features illustrations by Washington DC based illustrator Mari Andrew -- who already boasts an Instagram following of over 380 thousand.
Break-Up Boss is available for purchase on iTunes for the price of $9.99, which may seem steep in comparison to the legion of free apps out there.
But... can you really put a price on your post-break-up dignity?

In case you missed it -- off the back of Beyoncé’s internet-breaking baby announcement, in which the pop star revealed she was pregnant with twins, Zoë followed suit with her own pregnancy announcement, and it looks like she was very much inspired by the way Beyoncé broke her news.
Zoë hilariously recreated her own version of Beyoncé’s shoot, which pretty much has all the same details as Bey’s, but, uh, is a little less polished, and shows Zoë’s frustration at Beyoncé breaking their ‘pact.’
“When @beyonce and I fell pregnant at the exact same time, we were so happy,” the beauty guru wrote on Instagram. “We made a best friend pact to announce the news with high-concept, oversaturated floral imagery and mismatched lingerie on the SECOND of February."

"But not only did my ‘best friend’ announce her pregnancy on the FIRST of February, she added an extra baby to make sure HER announcement was more special. Unfortunately, as you can see, news of her betrayal came through mid-photo shoot, but you get the gist.”
Zoë and her handsome hubby Hamish Blake are already parents to a two-year-old boy, Sonny.

"I can't believe how lucky we are to live with him. At least until he's 17 and gets sick of us squishing him and runs away," Hamish told TV Week of his son.
The radio host also spoke about the reason behind the sweet snaps he and Zoe share on social media, explaining, "He makes our day, every minute of the day, and if you can give someone a laugh or a smile, I've got no problem with that!"