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Woman miscarries in chair due to hospital bed shortage

A woman has sadly suffered a miscarriage in a chair when no beds were available at Royal Hobart Hospital.

She was left waiting in the chair at the hospital’s emergency department despite the fact that there were nine beds sitting empty that night, the Nursing and Midwifery Federation said.
Branch Secretary Neroli Ellis said the hospital is “completely bed blocked” and that beds were not available because there is insufficient funding to fully staff the hospital, ABC News reports.
“The fact that this poor lady had to endure the indignity of what she went through in a chair when there were no beds available is a reflection on a system in crisis,” Dr Tim Greenaway, president of the Australian Media Association added.
Pregnant women in Hobart are facing harrowing condition at the hospital with The Hobart Mercury reporting that recently an obstetrician was left with no running water to scrub up before performing an emergency caesarean delivery.
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