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Sydney's coldest morning of the year

Australian cities shivered through their coldest June morning in years, but the worst could be over (for now).

Sydneysiders shivered through a chilly morning today, with overnight lows of 8 degrees and tops of just 13 degrees today.
According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the city felt-like 3.2 degrees at 8.40 this morning.
Sunday, however, was Sydney’s coldest morning of the year, with western suburb locals waking up to temperatures below zero. For the CBD, the minimum was 5.4 degrees, making it the coldest June minimum in six years.
Brisbane and Perth also experienced their coldest June morning and will be hit with rain today, along with Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra.
BOM forecaster Rob Taggart told the Sydney Morning Herald that snow could fall in central parts of the state – but the snowfields will likely miss another round of good snowfall as they got a heap in the past week.
June has had its most powerful cold front to move through New South Wales in three years.
Katoomba in the Blue Mountains had light snowfall on Friday and reached a maximum of just 8 degrees over the weekend, whereas Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, Victoria, hit just 1 degree on Saturday morning.
The good news is that the cold snap is almost over for now, with warmer days coming.
Tomorrow is predicted to reach 18 degrees with a possible shower in the morning, and Wednesday will likely be a sunny 19 degrees.
Even though the mornings have been crisp lately, Sydney’s mean temps are still more than two degrees above the long-term average for June.
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