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Terrifying video: Shark swims between NZ dad and daughter at beach

Sun, sand, sea… SHARK!

Sun, sand, sea… SHARK!
A New Zealand father and his daughter have gotten the shock of their lives when a shark swam between them while at the beach.
In a clip uploaded to YouTube the man and young girl are seen playing in shallow water at Pampamoa beach, in the country’s Bay of Plenty region, when a dorsal fin appears just metres from the camera.
“This was our first day testing out our new Go Pro camera!,” writes Michael Homer in the caption of his video.
While there is no mention of what kind of shark it was, nor how big it is, many different breeds of sharks live in the area – including Blue shark, School shark, Bronze whaler and Spotted dogfish.
Shark sightings have become an increasingly common incidence along the New Zealand coast, as fishermen have reported a number of recent run-ins with large sharks.
The fin slicing through the water.
In December last year a shark was spotted at the same beach swimming dangerously close to the shore.
Witness Gerardo Aguilera and his wife, Kate Dewar, were on holiday, visiting family in the region at the time and told the New Zealand Herald he believed the shark to be a juvenile but believed it was still "a couple of metres" long.
"It seemed like a baby one. It didn't seem that big, but obviously big enough to scare anyone out the water. It just seemed to be swimming back and forth," Mr Aguilera said.
"Obviously it's exciting, but it's pretty shocking. In fact, Kate wanted to go in for a swim and I was just like, 'No, I'm definitely not going in.' And actually after that, once it went away, we stayed for like half an hour, 45 minutes, and there was no-one going back into the water."
VIDEO: Shark swims between NZ dad and daughter at beach.

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