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Someone’s angering Melania Trump and nope, it’s not Donald

She’s currently touring the Middle East with the president.

By Lorna Gray
Melania Trump is an almost mythical creature. The beautiful spouse of the most powerful man in the world mostly keeps her opinions to herself (unlike her husband!).
But it seems someone is seriously bugging the FLOTUS. And nope, it’s not Donald.
Melania is reportedly furious with Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer.
According to politico, Melania is an avid watcher of cable TV and she’s been alerting the president to stories she thinks make him look bad. Which could also explain some of his outbursts on Twitter, we guess.
“She was really concerned that Spicer was not doing a good job, that they were not proactive in defending the president,” a source told politico. ”The leaks bother her. She believes a lot of people are more interested in serving themselves than him.”
“She’s very private and she’s very smart. Anyone who thinks she’s a mannequin doesn’t get it,” said longtime Trump associate Roger Stone. “She has excellent instincts into who is trying to exploit their influence with him.”
Meanwhile, media attention is back on Melania’s relationship with Trump after she seems to swipe his hand away as he tries to hold hands with her as they touched down in Jerusalem (watch below).
She's definitely an intriguing one!

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