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Schapelle Corby breaks down as she prepares to return to Australia from Bali

The 39-year-old reportedly says she’s “fat” and “stressed” due to intense media scrutiny.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Schapelle Corby - who will be deported to Australia after her parole expires on May 27 - has complained to officials about being stalked by the media.
Speaking with Bali immigration and corrections chiefs on Thursday, the convicted drug smuggler explained that she feels unable to work out, swim or jog for fear of being followed and photographed.
“She said that she is well but that she is fat now. Because she cannot exercise,” Muhammad Natsir, Immigration chief at the Law and Human Rights Ministry, told The Daily Telegraph.
He added: “She said that she is always chased by people, journalists. Poor her. She said, ‘That's why I am fat now. When I want to go for exercise, I am always chased. So I feel shame.’ That’s what she said.”
The head of Bali's correction division, Surung Pasaribu, was also present at the meeting held to discuss Corby’s impending release and deportation. He said that the Aussie-native began to cry when he explained that she would soon be free.
"She's happy to go home, who wouldn't be? She's happy to be with family, to be with her mother, I think her father passed away," he told Fairfax Media.
The 39-year-old also asked when she would be allowed to reenter the country for “sightseeing,” Mr Surung told the publication.
Typically, foreigners deported from Indonesia are banned from entering the country for at least six months.
Corby has always protested her innocence.
Mr Surung added that Corby had been cooperative and amicable and had never failed to attend meetings or follow instructions during her three-year-long parole period.
"She always complied with the requirements," Mr Surung said. "I went there to check if Corby really came to report and she did, we confirmed that."
In 2015, Corby was sentenced to 20 years in prison after she was arrested with 4.2 kilograms of marijuana in her boogie-board bag at Bali's Ngurah Rai airport.
She has always protested her innocence and says she had no knowledge of the cannabis found in her luggage, claiming it was planted by someone else.
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