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Belle Gibson escapes police charges

Victoria Police have reportedly dropped their investigation into the wellness blogger.

Popular health and wellbeing entrepreneur, Belle Gibson has avoided police charges after detectives reportedly dropped their investigation into her.
She had been under scrutiny for obtaining financial advantage by deception.
“The matter was assessed by Victoria Police and we are not investigating it,” police spokesman Kris Hamilton told The Herald Sun.
Gibson's business came under fire after The Australian newspaper last month raised serious questions about the veracity of the popular health blogger's personal story of being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and given just months to live before curing herself with food.
The Sydney Morning Herald earlier reported Gibson had failed to donate the money earned through two charity events.
Since those doubts were cast Ms Gibson – who inspired the hugely popular foodie app The Whole Pantry – has seen her empire come crashing down with some suggestions that the 26-year-old social media entrepreneur never had cancer at all.
The furor resulted in Penguin Books pulling their endorsement of her recipe book.
"Despite our best endeavours, Penguin Books has not received sufficient explanation from Ms Gibson, author of The Whole Pantry recipe book, in response to recent allegations. As such, we have been left with no other option but to stop supplying the book in Australia," Penguin Books said in a statement.
"We remain hopeful that we will receive the formal assurances we have requested in the coming days."

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